We are bishop Randy and apostle Johnny Layton-Morgan. We are the overseers of the Covenant Network and the founding pastors of New Covenant Church of Atlanta. Word First is our personal, preaching/teaching ministry, and we want to be a blessing to you as we preach and teach the Word of God and activate you in supernatural ministry. We pray that you are blessed by visiting this website today.

Bishop Randy’s ministry comes out of these ministry streams:

  • Word of Faith
  • Manifested Glory
  • Intercessory Prayer / Praise and Worship / Harp and Bowl Ministry
  • Apostolic/Prophetic and 5-fold restoration
  • Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance

And those 5 ministry streams flowing into the river of LGBT-affirmation.

We believe as these streams run together there can be a greater impact of Kingdom experiences in the lives of believers.

Statement of Faith

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